FREE itunes gift card by FREE MY APPS


  • Free My Apps is a Web-based service that allows iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users to get paid iTunes Store apps for free. Users earn credits by downloading sponsored apps, then reedem said credits for paid iOS apps.
How it Works
1. Download sponsor apps
2. Collect Credits for every download
3. Exchange Credits for REAL gift cards! such as itunes gift card, Amazon gift Card Free
How to install Free My Apps on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad/mini the links in
safari and Click the ‘Get Apps!‘ button

Click the ‘Get Apps!‘ button

2.A message will pop up to ask you to share your device’s ID. Click OK.
3.Install the profile 

  • When it is done, you will be brought back to Safari where you will see a new list of apps. These are the sponsored apps.
  • Click on any app in the list and use it for at least 30 seconds. [I recommend downloading all the app, then delete if you don't like them. You get the credits anyway.]
  • Once you’ve downloaded and used the app for more than 30 seconds, go back and click the banner on the top of that website. You should see the credit change. [If you don't, you didn't use the app for more than 30 seconds. Go and use that app again.]
  • After you’ve accumulated the number of points you’re contented with, click on ‘Gift‘ and select your gift and enjoy downloading 

Example iTunes gift card code $10